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GPS Motori is a well-established and constantly growing company in the automotive sector, specialised in direct remanufacturing of engines, automatic and manual transmissions, turbochargers, injectors,and common rail pumps.


The maximum quality of serviceis guaranteed by the combined forces of our two integrated and ISO certified production plants,where highly qualified personnel and the latest machineryenable us to offer a wide range of products always in stock.


The reliability and transparency of the GPS Motori brand are basedon the use of exclusivelyoriginal or equivalentpart.

30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020
Ricambisti day 2019

 Fervono i preparativi per l'appuntamento del 21 marzo a Verona con il RicambistiDay 2019: scopri i protagonisti della giornata e il programma dettagliato.

02 Apr 2019
02 Apr 2019
I Maghi del Cambio AUTOMATICO

Il cambio automatico a bagno d'olio richiede manutenzione
e attenzioni tanto quanto il motore.

GpS Motori
Via Disraeli 6
Via C. Colombo 11
Via Staizza 25/d
Reggio Emilia REA NR. RE282580
CAPITAL € 10.000,00